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Nanjing is a paradise for foodies from all around the world. Whether you're a first-time visitor, or you've lived in Nanjing for many years, there're always overwhelming options of cuisines for you. Here're 3 popular restaurants that stand the test of time and are crowded with expats all year round.

1. Korean cuisine – Huajinpu Restaurant

Huajinpu might be one of the oldest Korean restaurants in Nanjing, where there are always a long queue of people waiting for dining here. It serves a great variety of authentic Korean dishes including cold noodles, seafood and barbecue. The restaurant is popular with expats for some reasons: there is a wide selection on the menu with affordable price; on the other hand, the fine interior and the spacious and clean space also add to the comfortable atmosphere. From my point of view, the attentive service is what really attracts people to be regular guests. When you're waiting outside for an available table seat, you could help yourself to some free tea, snacks and candies, or kill time by watching a movie played on a super large screen or even have a manicure. You will find the restaurant a fancy place to catch up with friends, celebrate the birthday or enjoy a dating.

Recommended dishes: roasted streaky pork, grilled chicken wings, bibimbap, grilled-fresh-squid, roasted steak, seaweed soup, and broiled eels.

Average spend per person: 68 RMB

Tel: +86 25 57716671

Address: No. 211, 3rd Floor, Wanda Plaza, No. 98, Middle Jiangdong Road, Jianye District, Nanjing

2. New Zealand cuisine – MOTU

If you're craving for burgers, here's the right place for you. Motu is a two-story restaurant located a few steps from the Laomendong arch. It's rated in the second place among all the restaurants in Nanjing on TripsAdvisor. Even before you enter, the exclusive exterior that blends so well with the street yet still stands out from the neighborhood will remind you that it's someplace special like no other restaurants. The owner of Motu is from New Zealand who married a Nanjing girl. Together they made a perfect spot for people in Nanjing to have casual dinner with friends. Here, you don't have to worry about the language problem, for they've got at least two staff members with very good English skills. There're a wide range of burgers, drinks and snacks to choose from, such as beef, chicken, vegetarian burgers, fries, milkshakes, New Zealand imported beer, etc. If you have any special meal requirements, the owner may be kind enough to tailor make a burger for you. I always enjoy the pleasant ambiance when sitting on the second floor of the restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee and looking down at the historic area of Laomendong. Come over here when you chill out with your friends!

Average spend per person: 70 RMB

Tel: +86 17701598220

Address: No.107 Gutong Alley, Laomendong, Nanjing


3. Spanish cuisine – Seleccion Espanola

Ranked fourth on TripAdvisor, it's a cozy restaurant providing authentic Spanish food. The chef from Spain guarantees the quality of the food and the Spanish-speaking manager would always be pleased to chat with Spanish guests in their mother tongue. The second floor offers guests an intimate atmosphere with sofas, music and a big screen projector that plays documentaries and movies. The menu won't disappoint you for its fine selection of Spanish wines, cocktails and paellas. For those who'd like to order empanadas, please give the restaurant a call one day in advance to make the reservation, as the dish is 12 inch size and takes quite some time to cook.

Average spend per person: 150 RMB

Tel: +86 152 9553 7959

Address: No.57, East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing