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Meiling Palace

Located next to Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Meiling Palace is a palace-style, traditional Chinese three-story building and is the former site of the residence of the Chairman of the Nanjing National Government. It features yellow exterior walls, green glazed tiles, and more than 1,000 eave tiles, each carved with a phoenix. The platform on the south side is paved with tiles, surrounded by 34 Qing-style white marble railings with carved phoenixes. The whole building looks magnificent, and its interior decoration is luxurious with a strong Western style.


You can overlook the Meiling Palace on Purple Mountain.


 Take Subway Line 2 to Mafang/Muxuyuan Station, and walk for about 1.5km.

Opening hours:

7:30-18:00, no admission after 17:30

  • Meiling Palace: CNY 30/person
  • Ticket package for Zhongshan Mountain National Park (including Ming Tom, Meiling Palace, Music Stage and Linggu Scenic Area): CNY 100/person
No. 9, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum Scenic Area (in Zhongshan Mountain National Park)
+86 25 84433584, 4009288312

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