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Jinling Sutra Publishing House is a famous Buddhist cultural institution and the birthplace of Buddhism revival movement in China. It was founded by Yang Renshan in Tongzhi fifth year of Qing dynasty (1866). Yang has given lectures here for more than 40 years, engraved millions of copies of Buddhist sutra, printed more than one hundred thousand copies of Buddha. He also innovatively set up the educational institutions of Buddhism, where a lot of famous people come to learn Buddhism.

Jinling Sutra Publishing House now is the publishing center of Chinese woodcut Buddhist sutras in the world, with more than 130,000 pieces of all kinds of Buddhist versions and various Tibetan tripitaka.

However, Jinling Sutra Publishing House is not open to the tourists.

Yang Renshan:
Yang Wenhui (1837-1911) was a Chinese lay Buddhist reformer who has been called "The Father of the Modern Buddhist Renaissance". His courtesy name was Rénshān (仁山). He was a native of Shídài (石埭) county (modern Shítái 石台 county) in Anhui Province.

Whe he was young he accompanied his father to live in Beijing, but the Taiping rebellion forced them to flee to the lower Yangtze delta. Although he studied the Confucian classics as a child, in 1862 he became interested in Buddhism after reading a copy of the Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana (大乘起信论 dàchéng qǐxìn lùn). In 1866 he moved to Nanjing to manage architectural engineering projects for the government, where his Buddhist beliefs were strengthened through contact with other lay Buddhists.